Shirley Bossard


Thank you so much. I want to tell you that in the 2 years since purchasing the CareAlert for my mother, it has potentially saved her life twice. She had fallen in the back yard on a hot summers afternoon. Because she has really painful knees, she couldn't kneel on them to crawl inside or to help get herself up. She was caught in the direct sun and ants were starting to bite her. She pressed her CareAlert and my brother was there in minutes. She has used it on another occasion and once was an accident. The whole system worked brilliantly. The ambulance arrived at the same time as we did (although it was accidentally set off) it was a great comfort to us knowing she will be ok if we can't get to her.

THANK YOU a million times over for the peace of mind all of my family have now and the great service provided by this wonderful little machine.