Why you should choose CareAlert for the SA Rebate

One major reason why CareAlert is the best system on the market is because if the SA rebate scheme ever ends (at present there is no suggestion that the scheme will end), then with this system you can easily convert it back to a non-monitored unit, meaning that you will not be left to fund these fees yourself.

Also, this device has the backup ability to contact Triple Zero should the sim card become inactive or is even removed.

These 2  features are NOT offered by any other personal alert system!
How much will you be out of pocket by choosing CareAlert through the SA rebate scheme?

$0 Absolutely Zero!

What you will receive

  1.  A fully programmed series 2 CareAlert Smart Dialler including pendant
  2.  An installed sim card managed by CareAlert for emergency use only
  3.  Fully monitored by an AAA-rated professional monitoring company based in South Australia.

This unit is as simple as plugging into a power point and testing as shown in the instructions. This is a very easy self-install system as it has already been programmed for you. We do not directly offer an installation service but should you desire it, please call our office and we may be able to assist you. 

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