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General Questions about the GPS Go Anywhere CareAlert Smart Dialler

A personal alert device that with a simple press on the SOS button and this device will immediately call your emergency contacts (or a 24/7 monitoring station) PLUS it also sends out an SMS message to up to 5 pre-programmed mobile phone numbers. This will alert your emergency contacts that you need assistance. The SMS message will also inform your contacts where you are located using Google Maps.

It sure can! The GPS CareAlert Smart Dialler is the most flexible personal alert system in Australia. If you would like to have your CareAlert professionally monitored, please contact us on 1300 75 85 95 and we can connect you to one of Australia’s leading monitoring stations. Flexible payment options are available starting at just $30/month (includes sim card fees). That's LESS THAN $1 PER DAY!

CareAlert will fully program your system prior to posting. Once you receive it, all you need to do is charge it up and test it – that’s it! Instructions will be provided in your delivery.

Yes, the Care Alert features fall detection and will activate automatically in the event of an unconscious fall.

Yes, Care Alert can assist with adjusting the fall detection sensitivity on the Pendant.

The Pendant is fully waterproof and can be worn in the shower.

The Pendant is available in Black and White.

Yes, the Pendant features a mute button.

Up to five contacts, including emergency services, can be added to the Pendant. Alternatively, you can choose to have your system 24/7 monitored.

Yes, Care Alert can assist with altering or changing contacts at any time. If you choose to use our portal, you will be able to do this yourself.

Yes, any of the programmed emergency contacts can call the Pendant, which will answer automatically.

In the event of a mobile outage, Care Alert will always try to call triple Zero using other Telcos available in the area.

The Care Alert features a Geo fence (virtual fence) that can be activated to notify contacts if the user wanders away from a designated area.

Yes, contacts can easily send an SMS to the GPS unit to locate the user through Google Maps.

Yes, the Pendant comes with a USB car charger for convenient charging on-the-go.

The GPS is roughly the size of a match box (62mm x 47.9mm x 18mm) and is light weight, coming in at just 60grams

Your GPS pendant will be supplied with a soft fabric type lanyard that you can attach to the unit and wear as a necklace. We currently do not have a wrist wearing option at this stage.

Yes, Care Alert offers assistance on our 1300 75 85 95 hotline for any after-sales support needs.