CareAlert "Go Anywhere" GPS Purchase Options

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24/7 Monitored - CLICK HERE

With a monitored CareAlert Medical alarm, once you have pressed your emergency buttons, help will be just minutes away. Your call will be answered by a triple-A-rated, fully trained team right here in Australia. They will be ready to get you the appropriate help, any time, day or night. We understand that family may not always be available to contact  24/7, don't worry, you can trust CareAlert to provide you and your family true peace of mind.


Rental Option - CLICK HERE

Our rental option allows you to lower your upfront costs by renting your alarm equipment monthly. Perfect for short-term convalescing patients that may need emergency assistance while recovering. This rental program offers world-class protection at a very reasonable price.

Guaranteed 24/7 Response within minutes, works independently of the NBN so no need for a phone line, no lock-in contracts, high levels of client support , Australian backed triple-A-rated monitoring centre!


Non-Monitored - CLICK HERE

The CareAlert Smart Dialler is a world-class Personal Alert System that ensures that in the event of an emergency in or around the home or workplace, contact for help is made to family, friends or Triple Zero.





With a CareAlert Go Anywhere GPS Alert System, a simple press on the SOS button will immediately call your emergency contacts PLUS it can also send out an SMS message to up to 5 pre-programmed mobile phone numbers. The SMS message will inform your contacts where you are located using Google Maps.

It has a long battery life and has a lot of features that you can benefit from. You can choose a 24/7 monitoring service option for as low as 82 cents per day!

The CareAlert "Go Anywhere" personal alarm pendant can be used for many different applications. 

For Active and Independent Seniors

Active seniors want their independence maintained even in their late age. Having a reliable personal alarm, such as a CareAlert Go Anywhere GPS Personal Alarm system, will mean the family can be at peace knowing that their senior loved ones are protected everywhere they go. Should an emergency arise, help is just a press of a button away and they’ll know exactly where to find them through the GPS location link sent to their mobile phone as an SMS.

Dementia Care and Monitoring

People with dementia may wander away from home and become disoriented. Providing them a CareAlert GPS Go Anywhere Personal Alarm System will allow their families, friends, or carers to be notified if they wander too far from home. You can also monitor their location by simply sending an SMS to the pendant. A text message will be received with their GPS link that points to their location. Finding them will be much faster and easier without the need of calling the local authorities for help.

People With Disabilities and Ailments

Persons with a physical disability know the importance of having their own privacy and solitude. However, they also understand that should the need arise for assistance, such help should only ever be a push of a button away or through the auto fall detection. The CareAlert Personal Alarm System can give them assurance and confidence that help is not far away.

Seniors Fall Alarm System at Home

According to the statistics, 60% of falls occur at home for people aged 65 and above. The CareAlert personal alarm pendant has a “fall detection” feature that will automatically call for help without the need of pressing a button. Perhaps you live alone or with your partner, or maybe you are recovering from a recent surgery or illness, having this simple but effective system in your home will give you confidence and peace of mind to remain in your home environment that you love. 

Personal Alarm

A simple accident or a careless mistake could easily leave us unable to phone or call out for assistance. This means you could be vulnerable to a very nasty experience and that is why the CareAlert Personal Alarm System can offer you real peace of mind in times of need. In the case of an unfortunate accident or sudden illness, you can simply activate your CareAlert Personal Alarm and let it do the calling for help for you. 

Retirement Villages

Retirement villages offer excellent communal living facilities with meeting and activity venues and attractive maintained grounds. The addition of the CareAlert GPS Go Anywhere Personal Alarm System into your unit will give you that extra safety and peace of mind that you would expect in this technological age. In case of urgent need, a simple activation of the remote waterproof pendant will allow your CareAlert GPS Go Anywhere Personal Alarm to contact whoever you wish. Perhaps the 24-hour resident village carer, a neighbour, or a friend; or a 24/7 monitoring security service.

Nursing Homes and Aged Care Facilities

It is a very nice feeling knowing that you can still have your own privacy in your Nursing Home. However, a fall or a sudden illness could prove to be very nasty and that is why the CareAlert GPS Go Anywhere Personal Alarm System can offer you inexpensive 24-hour peace of mind. Just knowing it is always ready to spring into action at any time is very comforting.

Living in Isolation

Many families and individuals in Australia live in isolation. The CareAlert GPS Go Anywhere Personal Alarm System can offer you a high degree of support should an accident or sudden illness strike while alone at home. Great for isolated individuals who want an extra sense of support from a personal alarm in case of need.

Work Places, Farm Work or Lone Workers

Occupational Health & Safety laws now demand that employers provide a safe working environment for all employees. Failure to meet these safe working practices could prove very costly to employers. If employees at times, work on their own, they could be subjected to an unexpected accident or illness that could go unnoticed. Such an event could be avoided with the CareAlert GPS Go Anywhere Personal Alarm System. An inexpensive solution to a potentially costly and unwanted experience.

Knowing the Whereabouts of Your Children

Children become more independent as they grow. We may not know everything that they do or where they go, and as parents, we worry about their safety and security. As young as they are, we want them to stay away from troubles and go to places where it’s age appropriate. With a CareAlert GPS Go Anywhere Personal Alarm System with them, we can monitor our children’s whereabouts by sending an SMS and receive a GPS location link; or by simply calling the device that auto-answers after 5 rings that will allow you to listen to the background. The CareAlert GPS Go Anywhere Personal Alarm System is surely the cheapest way of monitoring your children that gives you peace of mind.