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Foldable 3X LED Magnifyer


17% OFF

RRP $22.95

A folding magnifier providing 3x magnification with a super sensitive powerful LED light activator. Simply touch both sides to activate the light. Includes 2 x CR2016 batteries.

Shoe Horn 16"


6% OFF

RRP $16.00

Plastic handle designed to assist in putting on shoes especially for people who have difficulty bending and reaching.

Sponge - Long Handle


21% OFF

RRP $23.75

Ideal aid to promote independence while showering or bathing. Can easily body wash without bending or moving far.

Key Safe Lock


16% OFF

RRP $63.95

The CareAlert Key Safe Lock is a strong cast steel lockable box easily mounted externally to your home with your spare house keys inside. It comes with a good quality combination lock in which you code a 4 digit PIN number.

Blood Pressure Monitor


5% OFF

RRP $73.95

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor. Automatic One Touch Operation, Irregular heartbeat detector. Clinically Proven Accurate. This CareAlert device is approved for use in Australia by TGA (App.No. 210132). Contains a Quick Reference Log Book and carry case.

CareAlert Mobile Gateway - No NBN? No Landline? No Problem!


56% OFF

RRP $339.00

The CareAlert Mobile Gateway uses sim card technology. This device will allow you to make and receive calls with your existing home telephone even without a landline.