Personal Alert System: Unique Features that Can Save Life

Thanks to the steps taken by technical design engineers, getting emergency assistance due to a sudden accident or illness has been made much easier. Before this incredible discovery, there has been a myriad of preventable situations some of which were fatal. However, all is not lost yet as there is a personal alert system that comes in handy when one is caught in any severe case. Let’s now have a sneak preview to some of the essential features that you MUST consider when shopping for this commodity, after all, it could save a life.

Some of the fundamental features that a smart dialler must have include the ability to function well and without any hitches even when the pendant is submerged in water. Additionally, it must be carefully designed such that it does not activate the alarm system while you are going about you daily chores. Another great feature is the ability to alert the attention of somebody else in the house through a “Nurse Call” function.

While there are plenty of cheap Chinese gadgets available in the market place, getting the best health monitor typically involves opting for those tried, tested and approved. An essential feature that cannot be over looked is that the personal alert system must provide ongoing support even in the event of power failure, this should be done through a backup re-chargeable battery, one that last for at least three years and with proven results. Furthermore, an excellent health alarm for seniors must be easy to program, link with “Triple Zero”, and won’t require you to talk when activated (many stroke victims cannot speak).

While quality can never be debated upon, a personal alert system must have the ability to discern between an answering machine or if it has been “live answered”. Finally, many alert systems will have you paying on-going monitoring fees, with modern technology and the ability to contact people with ease this may not be a necessary cost. Having these core features warrants one the go-ahead to purchase.

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