Keep Safe with the Right Call Alert System

At times, we find our seniors struggling to get help whenever they are faced with emergencies that require urgent attention. You might be in the same house with your spouse or perhaps live alone, you don't have to worry much about such tragedies resulting from accidents like a trip on a floor, or an accidental fire starting up at home because a call alert system only requires a tap of a button to get help.

What is a Call Alert?

As modern technology takes over our world, many people will require gadgets that demand simple and easy intervention for fast contact operation whenever they are faced with a problem. They can be used by workers that require OH&S legal requirements, particularly for those who work alone and the aged to alert their choice of contacts of impending danger. Call alerts should be senior friendly and not have to replace their existing phone system. You can install one in their room or around areas where such people can face complications.

Very Important Features to Look For When Buying a Personal Care Alert System

There are various factors you need to consider once you are ready to buy a care alert system. Most of these factors will depend on past experiences and tend to improve on the shortcomings encountered earlier. The following are some of the considerations before buying such a system:

  • Check if the pendant has just one single red activation button, these type of systems can easily be accidentally activated resulting in an un-wanted Ambulance turning up to your house.
  • Make sure the system has an allowance for an extended voice message, a recommendation would be a minimum of 30 seconds, this is to ensure that important information like the location of your key safe lock is located and its code can be clearly relayed to the recipient.
  • It is advisable to look for an alert system that has a pendant that can operate while still submersed under water like in a bath or a pool.
  • If the system is meant for a person who may have speaking problem, then it is advisable you look for one that does not require one to speak in order to get help.
  • The system should have a pendant with a nurse call that will attract attention to anyone who is closer than you are.
  • If the system is meant for security purposes, then it is wise to choose one that is capable of scaring off intruders.
  • The system should also guarantee you long battery life without recharge or replacement. This also applies to other accessories.
  • Another important aspect is the history or past experience of the system by other people. Get a senior friendly system that has attracted positive reviews from past users.

In order to ensure maximum safety of those you care about, beware of what system you choose by keeping in mind the above highlighted points.

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