24/7 Reliable Care is Essential

They say that the only thing that is constant in this world is change, and along with change is time. Life changes every day for every person in some way and with the passing of time comes also the passing of age. As we age, some of the things that we can usually do efficiently cannot be as efficient when we go through the stages of growing old. With that being said, it is also inevitable to have ailments along the way. Most of the time we have someone who can provide elderly care, this maybe family, friends or even the neighbours but there may be instances that they cannot be there and this could be when they are needed the most. In most emergency cases, we are vulnerable to circumstances where we are not surrounded by people who can help us get to the hospital or attend to our aid if we need medications. In complications like these how nice would it be to have a reliable device on-hand that can provide immediate alerts and can make automatic calls to people that can help us in emergencies.

Enter CareAlert, a revolutionary Smart Dialler that can bring immediate safety for the Elderly. It is a personal alert system that provides peace of mind and is easy to use. With just a press on the small necklace pendant buttons, it will send alerts to all your pre-programmed numbers to let them know that the CareAlert user needs urgent. You can pre-program up to 5 numbers of your choosing, landlines or mobiles, you can even include Triple Zero that will send an ambulance for you in an instant.

CareAlert is Australian approved and made from durable materials. The pendant is fully waterproof, this way, it can be worn anywhere, including the shower or bath, and is always ready to help you in emergency cases. 

A great feature with the CareAlert Smart Dialler is that once you have pushed the button, the device will inform you once one of the 5 numbers has acknowledged your call and you can relax knowing help is on the way. In terms of cost, it only has a one-time payment and has no maintenance or monitoring fees at all.

All in all, we now have an affordable emergency dialler that is handy, durable, and most especially reliable at any given time.  Now that’s real peace of mind.

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