My Daughter Saved My Life

I remembered the night so vividly…….it was warm and I got up to open the window. Without warning I fell. I knew that my hip had either broken or been dislocated because any slight movement was unimaginably painful. I was nowhere near the phone, neighbours wouldn’t hear my cry for help – panic set in – was I going to be the subject of another one of those shocking stories of an elderly person not being found for days?

Then suddenly I felt enormous relief, when I realized that I had my CareAlert Smart Dialler, purchased by my daughter 3 months earlier. I pressed the emergency buttons on my personal water proof pendant that I always wear and it immediately began to phone my daughter for help. Even if she hadn’t been at home I knew it would phone her mobile. It would even reach Emergency Services if none of my family were available.

The rest is history, help arrived and after a few weeks of recovery, I’m now back at home enjoying my independence once again. I shudder to think of what might have been had my daughter not given me this great gift of security (and to think that I didn’t really believe I needed one).

For whatever my opinion is worth, I think everyone who lives or works alone, regardless of age should have a CareAlert Smart Dialler ready to assist in the case of an emergency.

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