5 Home Care Tips for the Elderly to Ensure Safety

It’s important to ensure that the elderly loved person that may live in your home or on their own is well cared for, this will greatly reduce the stress onyou and your loved ones. Ensuring that they are safe and comfortable also enables them to have peace of mind. Unfortunately, with ageing comes the feelings of being agitated, confused or aggressive. Below are some simple yet practical home care tips for the elderly that will aid their independence.

Tip 1: Dementia, for those that suffer from this terrible disease you should make sure that there are limited mirrors around the home. Believe it or not this can confuse them in that they may not recognize themselves in the reflection. Of course, we all need mirrors in our home, how else do we make ourselves look GREAT before going out! If you must have mirrors in your home, consider small ones and place them higher up than standard.

Tip 2: Buying a lightweight water jug and keeping it filled with water and placing it where it can easily and conveniently be accessed, this is most important. Hydration is important for anyone at any age. It helps to ward off certain ailments such as sleeplessness, headaches, fatigue and can assist as an appetite suppressor. While at it, gently remind them why they should remain hydrated and where the water jugis located and soon enough, they will not need reminding.

Tip 3: It doesn’t matter how old we are, we all love to look good! Buying them clothes that come in basic colours such as tan, black, white, green and cream is important since it will make it easier for them to pick their own outfits. Ensuring that the clothes are arranged systematically is good to avoid confusion. All shirts should be on one side and shorts, skirts and pants on the other. Take clothes that they have not worn out of the closet and place them in a separate box or closet.

Tip 4: Considering large number pads and dials on the technological devices is important because at this point perhaps theireyesight may be failing. If they love to watch television, the remote should have large numbers for easier use. Placing digital clocks around the home as opposed to the traditional three-hand clocks is great since they will not struggle to read the time.

Tip 5: Promote and encourage independence. Ensure that you do not make all decisions since this will make them feel as if they are not in control. Letting them make as many decisions as possible will also give them a sense of importance but also, make sure to limit them so as to avoid feelings of being overwhelmed and confusion.

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