It was recently exposed on National TV about the inherent weaknesses of the SOS 3G GPS go anywhere type alarms. They are sold in Australia by a number of different companies, all of whom purchase them from China for a very inexpensive price and then add a very large margin.

CLICK HERE to see where these companies purchase their products from.

The inherent problems are as follows:


  • They need charging every 2 days or so. This is an extremely dangerous limitation to these devices as it will require the elderly not to forget to do this. And while it is on charge there is no protection available.‚Äč


  • The fall detection system is very sensitive and can set off consistent false alarms


  • Triple Zero will not respond to GPS coordinates as they are more often than not inaccurate. If a person falls over while at home alone and cannot speak, then that alarm call to Triple Zero may not receive an appropriate response.


  • These units are NOT fully waterproof, meaning that you CANNOT wear them in the bath and in many cases, these units have been irreversibly damaged by using them in the shower.


  • They are often accidentally activated due to only having a one button design that can easily be pressed unintentionally.


For a video clip of why you should avoid these types of alarm systems, CLICK HERE or watch this video below!