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Large Emergency Activation Button

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This is a wireless personal large emergency button that provides an ideal solution for people who may have limited use with their hands and need to raise an emergency alarm call.

Aluminum Alloy Ultra-light Telescopic Adjustable 4 Section Hiking / Walking Stick

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The perfect travel buddy. Can easily fold into 4 parts to fit into a suitcase or handbag - also easy to store. Height can be adjusted from 81 to 93 centimeters. Four folding sections snap out automatically.

Blood Pressure Monitor

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Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor. Automatic One Touch Operation, Irregular heartbeat detector. Clinically Proven Accurate. This CareAlert device is approved for use in Australia by TGA (App.No. 210132). Contains a Quick Reference Log Book and carry case.


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This pendant is suitable for model CA-0417 only. Your pendant Instructions will be sent on how to code your pendant to work with your Dialler. Your pendant will come complete with the choice of either a wrist strap or stainless steel neck chain.

Security Screamer - Strobe

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CareAlert Security Siren - used where an alarm is needed to attract urgent attention. When the emergency red buttons are activated on the pendant a very loud siren is heard along with a strobe light.

Power Adapter