Who Needs CareAlert?

You just came home together with your daughter from your family doctor’s clinic and you were trying to remember what your family doctor said to you:

You are now in your Golden Age and you need to be more careful this time  when you are just all alone in your house. You should not forget to take these maintenance medicines that I gave you especially the one for your heart.

You swear that you will try your best not to forget what the doctor have told you because you know how important it is to remember everything she said. 

But, what if you are all alone? Your daughter has her own home and family. What if something happened to you late at night? What if you suddenly feel that your heartbeat is getting erratic and it is pumping very fast? The irony of it all is that your daughter is just five houses away. How can an 80-year-old like yourself be able to call her when you suddenly had this feeling of heart attack? CareAlert is the answer.

What is CareAlert? Who needs it?

CareAlert is the latest and most innovative smart dialler & personal alert system. If you have this kind of gadget on hand, you can alert the people who can be there immediately for you when you need them most.

So, how does this new gadget help you?

You can wear this as a pendant. It’s also water-proof, actually. You need to have this even while you’re in the shower. Now, when something happens to you like you felt a sudden palpitation of your heart, uneven heartbeats, you can push two buttons located at the sides of the pendant. When you push the buttons, this will automatically call the persons’ numbers that you have programmed to be stored in its memory.  It can store up to five numbers of persons like your daughter, your doctor, maybe your next-door neighbor, your heart specialist or "000".

It will call these numbers one at a time until somebody picks up the phone. What’s more, you can store voice messages so that when somebody picks up his or her phone, they will know that you’re in trouble. This is how CareAlert works. Pretty smart, isn’t it? You can just imagine how this little nifty gadget can help you save your own life.

These days when most people are very busy day in and day out, you will never know what will happen to you. These days, not only your medicines and your doctor can help you. This piece of innovation will also be of great help to you. Because of this little device, you (and your loved ones) can always have peace of mind.

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