SA Personal Alert Systems Rebate Scheme


CLICK HERE to see why our latest CareAlert Smart Dialler is the only personal alert system to choose when taking advantage of the SA Government rebate scheme.

One major reason why CareAlert is the best system on the market is because if the SA rebate scheme ever ends (at present there is no suggestion that the scheme will end), then with this system you can easily convert it back to a non-monitored unit, meaning that you will not be left to fund these fees yourself.

This feature is not offered by any other personal alert system!

The Personal Alert Systems Rebate Scheme is a generous rebate offered by the South Australian Government. The Department of Communities and Social Inclusion administer the personal alert systems rebate scheme and they alone are the sole arbiters as to who will be approved for such a device. Part of the eligibility criteria below has been taken directly from the DCSI website.  

Before you apply please check that you:

1.       Are a full-time resident of South Australia.
2.       Are at least 75 years old  - Aboriginal descent need to be 65 years or older.
3.       At risk of falls and have a medical condition that requires immediate attention in an emergency.
4.       Are living on your own or left on your own for lengthy periods of time.
5.       Hold a valid Pension / Concession card

If you can answer YES to the above criteria and can have your doctor or registered carer fill in a section of the application form, then you may well be eligible for the full rebate which includes the cost of professional monitoring. 
1,000's of people have taken advantage of this excellent rebate scheme and you could be one of them. It is easy to apply!

For a complete eligibility guide please Click Here

  • To download the Personal Alert Systems Rebate Scheme Application Form Click here

  • If you need help filling out the form please call the SA Rebate Office on 1300 700 169 

Please remember this rebate only applies to South Australian residents and the SA Rebate Office (DCSI) makes the decision as to who is eligible or not.  
This decision is not made by CareAlert.