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Fingertip Pulse and Blood Oxygen Saturation Meter

To survive, the body needs oxygen, and it gets that from the air we breathe. Regular checks of your Blood Oxygen level can help you track how your body is performing over time, PLUS it can provide early warning signs to problems your body may encounter.


Foldable 3X LED Magnifyer

A folding magnifier providing 3x magnification with a super sensitive powerful LED light activator. Simply touch both sides to activate the light. Includes 2 x CR2016 batteries.


Leg Lifter

Designed to enable the user to move a stiff or immobile leg. Ideal assistance aid for getting into or out of bed, wheelchair or car. Stiffened stem assists with maneuvering. Overall length: 102 cm


Reaching Grabber Aid

Designed to pick up items for anyone who has difficulty reaching or bending. Slip resistant jaw provides a secure hold. Hook trigger. Magnetic tip.


Shoe Horn 16"

Plastic handle designed to assist in putting on shoes especially for people who have difficulty bending and reaching.


Sponge - Long Handle

Ideal aid to promote independence while showering or bathing. Can easily body wash without bending or moving far.


Tap Extension Hose

Convert the bath tap into a shower head adaptor, Ideal for use with bath transfer benches and seats, Attaches to a range of tap sizes, For single tap use only. 1 mtr length.


Walking Stick with Seat

Lightweight aluminium walking stick that has a built in plastic seat. Designed for use on flat hard surfaces.


Metro Car Handle

Multifunctional device designed to help users get in and out of a car easier. Fits most vehicles with the " U " shaped striker plate on the door frame. Strong forged steel construction. Soft ergonomic non slip handle. Built in flashlight.


Aluminum Alloy Ultra-light Telescopic Adjustable 4 Section Hiking / Walking Stick BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!

The perfect travel buddy. Can easily fold into 4 parts to fit into a suitcase or handbag - also easy to store. Height can be adjusted from 81 to 93 centimetres. Four folding sections snap out automatically. LIMITED TIME BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!


Key Safe Lock

The CareAlert Key Safe Lock is a strong cast steel lockable box easily mounted externally to your home with your spare house keys inside. It comes with a good quality combination lock in which you code a 4 digit PIN number.


Blood Pressure Monitor

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor. Automatic One Touch Operation, Irregular heartbeat detector. Clinically Proven Accurate. This CareAlert device is approved for use in Australia by TGA (App.No. 210132). Contains a Quick Reference Log Book and carry case.


CareAlert Mobile Gateway - No Landline? No Problem!

The CareAlert Mobile Gateway uses sim card technology. This device will allow you to make and receive calls with your existing home telephone even without a landline. Plugs directly into your CareAlert Smart Dialler.

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Mobility Pack

The Mobility Pack is perfect for those with limited movement or disability. This pack combines products that can assist whilst travelling or on the move.


CareAlert Smart Dialler PLUS FREE 2 Years EXTRA Warranty

The CareAlert Smart Dialler is a brilliant piece of technology. It is a PERFECT way to provide peace of mind for the whole family and protect our loved ones. Your order will automatically include an EXTRA 2 years warranty worth $50 FREE!


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