CareAlert Pendant 30% OFF (CA0813P + setup instructions)

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My Nanna is 91 years old and she lives alone, I often call into her house to see how she is going and whilst she is fairly good at remembering to put her emergency pendant on, I sometimes find she has forgotten! Im sure many of you know what I am talking about...and that's ok, we always forget things sometimes, however, forgetting your CareAlert emergency pendant could be a life or death decision.

I decided I needed to do something for the times she forgets. It's a simple solution really, place a few pendants around the house where dangers are present and where she hangs out most, so now i have 1 that hangs on the tap in her shower, one that hangs on the toilet roll in the toilet and one that hangs on a cupboard handle in the kitchen.

Great idea and gives the family peace of mind knowing that most of her house is covered should a sudden accident or illness occur.

When you order this you will receive the easy instructions to link it in with your existing Smart Dialler. Pendant will come with both a wrist strap and a plastic necklace. Limited numbers available.

Below is a picture of my Nanna....."Love you Nans"